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Are you a Sunday Christian only?

Are you a Sunday Christian only?

October feels like a month which has squashed every important issues in for us to focus on.  It’s Black History Month, Stoptober (more about this in my  next blog), Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Menopause Awareness Month, Mental Health Awareness month, and I’m sure I could go on.  You only have to google ‘special days in October’ to be bombarded with a list so long it would baffle you.

If I ran one of the smaller charities which has its special day in October, like, say, Child Poverty Day, which is on 17th, I really would be struggling to find a way to get noticed, given all those incredible other charities being recognized, celebrated and having the light shine on it during the month.

Why then I keep asking, are so many of these issues squeezed into this one month? There are twelve months in each year and while I know other issues are highlighted throughout the year, I can’t recall so many high profile issues being forced in one month.

It was after I received the second call in as many days to speak about my breast cancer journey, and having been featured in two Black History Month articles, I was led to thinking about all this. Why so many major issues in one month I wondered?  I know the month is not over yet so it may well come, when I will get the call to talk about menopause!

From that, I started thinking, is this how we approach our faith?  Do we cram all our ‘Christianity’ into the hour and half/two hours on a Sunday when we go to church? Is this when we do all our praying, praising and focusing on the scriptures?  How many of us are only Christians on a Sunday in church? Wouldn’t it be better if were to spread practicing and living our full faith across the entire week?

Now, don’t get me wrong, I used to be that Christian who ensured I was in church every Sunday, so I didn’t feel so bad when for the rest of the week I was too busy to read my bible or give my faith any real thought.  When I just prayed before bed, or when I was asking for specific things.

I have a friend who, like many of you, have an alter in her house, a sacred space where she dedicate time to meditate and pray. Is she a ‘better’ Christian than me? I don’t know; I now choose to talk to God at all random times throughout the day.  I have long conversations with him, sometimes to the point, if someone were to see me they would understandably think I was some mad woman.

As I’m walking each morning, you may see me mumbling to myself, most times I’m talking to God. I dedicate time before bed to read a chapter in my bible.  I listen to, on my daily walk or a compilation of some of my favourite gospel songs.  This is me! It may not be your way but, I would say it makes life easier if you refrain from cramming everything into just one day and for sure, it strengthens you faith.

Make it a daily ritual, make it just a natural a part of your day. Over time, you will truly find it enhances your life.  Try to avoid putting all those important elements of your faith into confined spaces.