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Be your brother’s keeper

Be your brother’s keeper

As we enter into yet another national lockdown, for some of us this is the worse news we could be given.  Another month in isolation; another month of being stuck indoors with an abuser; another month of loneliness; and the list goes on.  This worldwide pandemic is causing untold emotional harm.

All help lines are reporting increase in calls from the public. Whether it’s supporting people going through domestic violence/abuse, mental health, loneliness, the loss of a loved one, dealing with trauma or isolation, any of the myriad of issues which have been exacerbated as a result of this pandemic, more and more people are struggling with their faith.

For us as Christians, here is where you must obey the Great Command, Love God and Love others. Matthew 22: 37-39.  For those of us at Pollards Hill Baptist Church, this command is there prominently for us to meditate on each time you enter the church.  It is also a time when you have to remember your faith is being tested.

The devil is using this opportunity to increase his war against us all. Children of God, you’re being called on now more than ever to be steadfast in your faith and to be your ‘brother’s keeper’.

What I’m asking you to remember is that for some people, this second lockdown will lead to depression, fear and questioning of whether they’ve been forgotten by God.  Your ‘brother’ may be someone in your church family, your immediate family, your community, he’s anyone who may need support whether financially, mentally or emotionally. It’s our responsibility to do whatever we can at this challenging time for us all.

Let’s not assume that because someone is a Christian, they’re not living in an abusive home, they haven’t lost their livelihood and have been hanging on by their fingers. This latest lockdown could be the final straw. Be there for them, look out for everyone as is our responsibility as Christians.

Here at Pollards Hill Baptist Church we’re a family. We must therefore be there for each other. Show each other that no one will walk alone.  A simply phone call to someone, offer to help in any way they need. All this will reinforce our family bond. We will be God’s angels on earth.

The government has stopped church gatherings and have issued new rules which we here at PHBC are adhering to.

Places of Worship will be closed, unless they are being used for:

  • Funerals
  • To broadcast acts of worship
  • Individual prayer
  • Formal childcare or where part of a school
  • Essential voluntary and public services, such as blood donation or food banks
  • Other exempted activities such as some support groups

If like me you celebrated being back in church after those months of not connecting with fellow Christians, not being able to fellowship will be a real challenge.  All services will continue online so join us on each Sunday at 10:30am nothing will stop us worshiping.