Don’t Block the Blessings of Others!

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Don’t Block the Blessings of Others!

Don’t Block the Blessings of Others!

At a recent meeting with my pastor, in the middle of praying for me, he asked God to help me not to let Pride get in the way of asking for help; Pride? I never saw that my reluctance to ask others for help as being due to my pride, but being forced to examine why as one of the first person to offer help to others, I’m so reluctant to accept their offer of help. Could it be due to my ‘pride’?

Maybe it is Pride, but isn’t Pride a Sin? I remember being advised that the same joy I got from helping others, was the same joy others got from helping me. What my Pastor explained, in another way,  is that I was blocking someone else’s blessings by refusing to accept their help!

He believed that we’re all blessed every time we help someone so what I was doing, was blocking someone else’s blessing when I refused their help.  This was a sobering thought.

As we emerge from a period which has been a difficult one for millions of people around the world, as Christians, how many times do we challenge ourselves about the way we portray our strength outwardly. Are we letting pride stop us from admitting when we’re struggling? Yes – take it all to the Lord in prayer but, asking your church family to pray for you shows strength and strong Christian spirit.

One of my favourite songs when I was going through one of the most difficult periods in my life was listening to Maranda Curtis singing – “You Are My Strength”. The words of this song always warms my heart that when I’m not able to turn to friends or family members, there is someone to whom I can turn.

There is never any thought of pride keeping me from singing this incredible song at the top of my voice and believing every word! Why then, I let Pride get in the way of seeking support from others?

If I have any advice therefore, it is open up to people you trust.  People who will not make you feel like a failure, people who will encourage and support you. Even if you don’t get advice of what to do, it will lift the burden just by sharing.

Remember, here are Pollards Hill Baptist Church we also want to help lift your burden. We know you can take all your troubles, burdens, worries or fears to God, leave it at his feet and trust and believe he will handle it all through prayer.

Send all your prayer requests to us here at and we will join you in your plea.