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God will make a way!

God will make a way!

As we face unknown territory, we must trust God to lead us in our purpose of spreading His message. To this end, here at Pollards Hill Baptist Church, London, we’re thrilled to launch PHBC Radio, our online radio station – phbc.org.uk/radio.

God makes no mistake, everything happens in His time, which is just in time! Pollards Hill Baptist church have recently been blessed with a new Pastor who has a passion for technology.

With his skills and passion, Pastor Deji, with the Leadership team, have been working on the best and most effective way of using this new access to technology to bless our church family during this uncertain time.

As Christians, facing the unknown is nothing new to us.  Faith is the fundamental foundation of the existence of all Christians.  The spread of corona virus has led to the growth of fear across the world.

This fear, despite our trust in God, has not excluded church members and has also led to instructions from governments and church governing bodies close their doors.  Some would argue, closing churches goes against our faith as Christians.  I would argue the measures being taken at Pollards Hill Baptist Church are anything but.

This year, 2020, Pollards Hill Baptist Church celebrates its 80th birthday.  One of the goals for the church was to increase its membership, spread the message of God to a much wider audience.

God has stepped in, during a period when most people were fearing isolation and wondering how they can continue to fellowship, through the medium of PHBC Radio, many thousands around the word will be able to join in the weekly sermon.

PHBC Radio (phbc.org.uk/radio) is available 24hrs a day, it will feature daily prayers, scripture readings and regular inspirational quotes alongside uplifting Christian music.

If you, or someone you know want to join with our church family, set them up to listen to our radio station.

May you and your family be blessed at this challenging time.  Remember, it’s all in His hand.  Our God has this under control.

Evadney Campbell
Deacon for Communication