Ann Bowen-James

Deacon - Pastoral Care



Ann Bowen-James is the Leader responsible for Pastoral Care.

In this role, she has 4 areas of oversight. They are as follows:

1. Welcome Team – Operated by four team members who are responsible to welcome all new comers to the church
2. Visitation Team – Two team members have been recruited to visit the young people of the church who are at university. They’re responsible to identify what support these students need, to pray with them and to encourage them.
3. Welfare Team – There are three team members whose role is to try to identify the needs of the congregation and support them in anyway they can.
4. Hospitality Team – This area is personally led by Ann and her Home Group. Their main area of responsibility is to assist, prepare, and serve food & refreshments when needed for hospitality and events within the church.

If you or anyone you know in the Pollards Hill Baptist church family have need for any of the above services, please contact Ann on