It’s Father’s Day every day

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It’s Father’s Day every day

It’s Father’s Day every day

I know Father’s Day was really celebrated on Sunday 20 June, but as I was reminded, whether you have a father here on earth or not, each of us as Christians have a father who loves and cares for us.  Let’s remember He should be celebrated daily.

In church, our sister, Sunmi read a poem she wrote for all men. I couldn’t just leave it there and ask her if we could publish it on our website so you can all read and enjoy it.

Father’s Day Poem

By: Sunmi Ayorinde


God made you, especially for us

To discipline and instruct, just like He does

You guide, protect and train a child in the way he should go

Even without being a dad, you have that special role


You possess a strength that inspires boldness

We can rely on you for prayers to make us fearless

A man, after God’s heart who displays humility

Knowing his wisdom is not by his own ability

Thank you for your heart of compassion and care
The Holy Spirit in you is abundantly clear
Reflecting the heart and mind of our Lord Jesus
To be an example of Him, not simply to please us


Boys, Men and Fathers, we just want to pray
May the presence of the Lord forever guide you on your way

May His hand always be upon you even as we say

We wish you a very Happy Father’s Day.