Introduction to Hebrew Insights

The Apostle Paul in Romans 11 compares Gentile Christians to wild olive shoots that have been grafted into a cultivated olive tree, which symbolises Abrahamic faith and the teachings God has given to Abraham’s descendants, the Jewish people. Wild shoots can only survive when they receive sap from the root. Unfortunately, Christians throughout history have tried to sever their connection with these roots and have done it quite successfully. We have lost contact with the Jewishness of our faith, forgetting even that our Saviour Jesus is the Jewish Messiah.

This blog aims to share snippets of insight into our Scriptures, taking into consideration the Hebraic background of the writings in terms of both language and culture. The information is based on various Messianic Jewish (Jews who believe in Jesus) sources. I hope you will find it as rewarding to read as I did to research.